Patents and Applications on Semiconductors

Listed below are US classes for patents and applications related to semiconductors. You may also wish to view our ag娱乐平台出租featured application classes or ag娱乐平台出租data related applications.

Semiconductor Related Patents
Barrier layer composition Gettering Rectifier
Beam Lead Frame or Device Structure ag娱乐平台出租Glass shaping to encapsulate Rectifying contact
ag娱乐平台出租Bipolar transistor manufacture Heteroepitaxy Rectifying contact
ag娱乐平台出租Chemical etching Heterojunction Regenerative switching device
Chemical-mechanical Injection laser making Schottky gate transistor
Coating and etching ag娱乐平台出租Insulated gate transistor Seed pulling
Combined with fet Ion implantation ag娱乐平台出租Selectively interconnecting
Combined with fet Ion milling Semiconductive Alloys
Complementary mosfet (cmos) Irradiation of semiconductors Semiconductor solid state device
Dicing Isolated components ag娱乐平台出租Sliding liquid phase epitaxy
Diffusing dopant into substrate Isolation Sputter coating
Directly applying electric current ag娱乐平台出租Josephson junction device Strain gauge making
Electroless coating Junction gate transistor Structure
Electrolytic coating Laminating or bonding ag娱乐平台出租Structure with electrically
Electromigration Making photovoltaic device Testing, electrical
ag娱乐平台出租Electron emitter making Metallization Thermal treatment
ag娱乐平台出租Field effect device manufacture Metallization ag娱乐平台出租Tipping liquid phase epitaxy
Floating gate Micromechanical Vapor phase eqitaxy
For over-voltage protection ag娱乐平台出租Passive electrical device Vertical channel
Forming schottky contact Photoemissive With amplified gate
Fusing dopant with substrate Photoresponsive With capacitor
ag娱乐平台出租Fusion bonding to metal Photovoltaic device manufacture
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